Live Masterclass Replay

Live Masterclass Replay

Mastering The New Economy of Wholesale

How to captivate retail buyers & cultivate strong relationships that double your jewelry sales in 30 days or less 

Inside this FREE workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for conquering your biggest fears about selling to retail stores (like rejection, not being ready, incorrect pricing, or imposter syndrome) so you can step forward into the wholesale world with total clarity and confidence 
  • Strategies for leveraging the "New Economy" of wholesale -- a.k.a. the oversaturated world of online branding and marketing -- to identify and pitch the RIGHT stores for your jewelry brand . 
  • Easy, long-lasting relationship building strategies that will help you get called back, emailed, and locked in with your dream buyers (even if you’re super shy or introverted) 
  • The 4 Tools that you need sorted NOW to look like PRO regardless if you are a newbie or already selling wholesale. 
  • A peek at the Biggest Turnoffs that get you blacklisted by retailers. This insight ALONE will 10x your results!

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